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Ramadan Laylatul Qadr mini Bulletin Board Display

Ramadan Bulletin Board Additions!



There are a few different versions of this calendar

Arabic numbers:Ramdan Moon Calendararabic
English numbers:Large Ramadan Calendar
Arabic/English numbers:Ramdan Moon Calendar English/Arabic
Next is the fasting day cycle, another interactive addtions to your bulletin board. This is really a good aid for younger children who do not yet fast. This cycle takes us through some of the actions a fasting person performs throughout their day. Your student can change the cycle as each action has been performed, insha Allah.

This is the black and white version of the cycle. This is how it will look once it’s assembled.

Here are the two pieces separate so you can see how it all comes together:

The bottom half where the child will turn to see the different action performed throughout a fasting day,insha Allah

This is the top part with the window section that will display each action as the wheel is turned. To connect the pieces you will use a brass fastener.

While assembling you will have to match the pieces together and will also have to cut some excess off to have it really truly match. We took pictures to show you how it does in fact come together, so don’t get discouraged! *smile*

Here is the cycle after it has been colored in:

There are two different versions of this Fasting cycle

Click here to download the Black and white version: Fasting cycle b&w
Click here to download the Colored version: Fasting cycle color
Charts, Charts, Charts! We also have charts to add to your Ramadan bulletin boards this year. How much more fun can we make it?
Interactive charts!
Our first chart is the Good Deed Chart,which will track the good deeds your child does during the blessed month of Ramadan.
This chart is more for practice while our children are young. It is not a “show off” type thing, but more of an encouragement or teaching them while they are young to practice and perform as many good deeds as they can, insha Allah.

This is what the chart should look like once assembled,insha Allah.

There are a few different versions of this chart.

For one child click here to download: Single Child Good Deed Chart
For three children click here to download: good deeds 3 child 
for 6 children click here to download: Six Children
For 1 child black and white click here to download: 1 Child Black and white
The next chart is the Ibadah Tracker which will help your child increase their worship during the month of Ramadan and insha Allah keep up on it!

Here is the tracker assembled.

There are also a few different versions of this tracker

Ramadan Ibadah Tracker Older
Ramadan Ibadah Tracker Younger
Ramadan Ibadah Tracker Younger Black and white
Here are also a couple trackers that can be used outside of Ramadan, insha Allah.
Monthly Ibadah Tracker Single Child
Monthly Ibadah Tracker 3 Children

Allah Created Insects Bulletin Board


Here we have a basic bulletin board that displays many insects that Allah has created. What a great way to learn and have fun at the same time.

In this board you can see we made a tree,fence,grass,and a sign to add for our insects!

Paper Bags were used for the tree trunk & branches
Construction paper for the leaves of the tree
construction paper for the grass
cardboard covered with construction paper to make the sign

We usually try to make our bulletin boards from everyday materials we have in our classroom/homes

The border we printed on white paper
The top of the tree with the bee hive

The butterflies inside their chrysalis on top of the tree

The paper bag tree trunk with a walking stick and spider with web on it.

The “Welcome to the Butterfly Gardern” sign


The fireflies

The mosquito

Ladybugs on the white picket fence

The ants made out of paper eggs carton

The dragonflies made from popsicle sticks

The Praying Mantis watching over the garden.

Teach your Little Entomologist in training all about how Allah created Insects!

Make some butterflies, ladybugs, and bees and enjoy teaching all about how Allah created all of the insects they are learning about,insha Allah.

File for border: Allah created..Insects Border